SANLink2 8G FC

SANLink2 8G FC offers the fastest onsite performance for users who need to directly connect a Mac Pro and Pegasus to VTrak systems
Revolutionizes how creative professionals connect from a Thunderbolt™ 2 device to a Fibre Channel SAN or directly to Ethernet
Built to maximize the available line rate of Thunderbolt™ 2
Access to low-latency, high-bandwidth storage reduces file load times, allows for instantaneous response time during timeline scrubbing, and reduces the amount of time required for large media file transfers
A complete out-of-the-box solution, simply plug in your SANLink2 with a power adapter into a Thunderbolt™ port
Portable and desktop systems previously unable to connect to a high-speed Fibre *Channel SAN can now do so using Thunderbolt™ 2 technology

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